Electric Roof Windows

Electric Roof Window Image


FAKRO electric roof windows are created to fit any setting where your roof window is difficult to reach. Moreover, the electric windows have a built-in ZDR rain sensor that automatically activates a sash closing feature when the first raindrops fall. All windows include a remote control with a wall bracket mounting in the package. They are suitable for pitches ranging from 15-90°.  

Wireless control  

Our electric roof windows have a full electric control that is completed with an actuator, a rain sensor, and a position for both internal and external accessories, such as electric roof lights. The electric pivot roof windows are equipped with a Z-Wave system which is a wireless radio protocol. Moreover, the windows have a semi-automatic pressure ventilation V40P that prevents wind gusting.  

High security  

Security is key at FAKRO hence why we created a Top Safe technology that provides assurance and safety – it strengthens the hinges and holds them together with a steel slat to the lower part of the sash to achieve at least class III safety according to EN13049. Furthermore, our electric windows have an acoustic rating of 35dB (-1.-3), making them ideal for any busy environment.  

Easy maintenance  

The Actuator Chain may be detached, allowing the sash to be turned through 180 degrees to clean the outside pane. Due to the sash blocking bolt, the outer pane is safe and simple to clean when the sash is turned through 180°. 

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