Roof Window Flashings

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Roof window flashings are an essential component of roof window installations. Their main function is to ensure that the seal between the roof window and the roofing tiles are totally watertight, weatherproofing the windows and the area around them.  

Our roof window flashing kits are manufactured by Fakro, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of roof windows and related products in the world. They are designed for use with Fakro roof windows.  

Roof flashings in the category include flat, profiled, high-profiled, slate, and plain tile flashings.  

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Features & benefits of our roof window flashing kits  

Our Fakro flashing kits are offered in aluminium as standard, which is not only lightweight and easy to install but also durable, so they can keep your home rainwater-free for years to come with the correct maintenance.  

The flashings are also supplied with a polyester varnish as protection, so you will not need to apply any protective coatings or varnishes – just install and they are ready for use! 

Our specially designed alternatives to Velux flashing kits, manufactured by Fakro, can be used with a variety of window installations. These include centre-pivot windows, top-hung windows, and more. Our flashings can also be used for applications with various roofing material types, such as roofing felt, bitumen, slate, corrugated metal sheeting, and more. 

Some benefits of our flashings include:  

  • Secure – the high-quality materials and design of our flashings ensure to prevent rainwater from infiltrating your space, and allow rainwater to flow freely away from the windows  
  • Durable – manufactured using high-quality aluminium, our flashings can last for years with the correct maintenance 
  • Wide variety available – we supply a broad range of roof window flashings, not only for standard roof windows but also for special applications, such as flashings with additional installation and flashings for windows that are installed at a different angle to the main roof 
  • Easy to maintain – maintenance of window flashings is simple, quick, and only needs to be done once a year (read more below) 

Maintenance of roof window flashings 

Keeping your flashings up to standard is thankfully an easy job. All you really need to do is remove any leaves or other debris that may have collected on and around the flashings, about once a year. This allows rainwater to flow freely away from the installation. 

We also recommend removing any heavy snow if it has been sitting there for an extended period of time, as this can cause damage to the flashings. 

If you have any questions about our roof window flashings, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team

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