Flat Roof Windows

Flat Roof Window Image


FAKRO flat roof window frames are constructed by using a reinforced multi-chamber PVC profile. The materials are resistant to acids and have a low moisture absorption rate, making them suitable for installation in any room.  

The flat roof skylight frames are filled with insulating material, further increasing the product's energy-saving features. Under the frame drip cap, a specifically designed covering material improves the overall quality between the window and the roof covering. 

Unrivalled security  

DMF DU6 Secure, DXF DU6 Secure, DMC P4 Secure, and DXC P4 Secure flat roof windows meet European anti-burglary class RC2 (EN 1627). They are also distinguished by their great impact resistance (Class SB 1200 - EN 1873). The installation of such windows on flat roofs improves building operating safety and anti-burglary resistance.  

Abundance of natural light  

A window's primary function in a building with a flat roof is to provide an abundance of natural light. When compared to other manufacturers' windows of an equivalent size, flat roof windows provide up to 16 percent more glazing area due to specifically engineered sash and frame profiles. Interiors under a flat roof are bright and airy thanks to this technique. 

Accessories and control 

Our windows can be supplied with a variety of accessories such as flat roof skylights. Installing the correct interior and exterior accessories improves both the function and aesthetic appeal of roof windows. The use of an exterior awning blind prevents the space from overheating, whilst inside accessories protect from direct sunlight and improve interior decor. 

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